3 Reasons Why Mobile Wallet Tickets Offer the Best Customer Experience

Why Walletly Aug 07, 2019

With Walletly, it’s not just loyalty cards and coupons that customers can store in their mobile wallet. Now you also have the ability to put tickets and passes in wallets too, creating a streamlined experience that customers will love.

Here are the top 3 reasons why providing tickets and passes through mobile wallets creates the best customer experience.

1 It Gives Your Customers What They Want

Customers want to use their mobile wallet for ticketing experiences. Why wouldn’t they want to utilise the one thing they have on them all the time? And it isn’t just millennials that feel this way. Across all generations, 55% of people surveyed wanted to use their mobile more for event tickets and boarding passes.

Already, around 50% of wallet passes are made up of tickets and passes, and this percentage is only expected to grow when businesses realises the demand for it.

2 Do Away with Paper Tickets (and Screenshots)

People don’t want the hassle of paper tickets anymore, when there’s a far more convenient method right in their hand. Using mobile wallet for tickets does away with the process of receiving, printing, keeping safe and then remembering the printed tickets.

The one issue with doing away with paper tickets is the possibility of fraud, through people making screenshot the pass. This lack of security could be a concern for customers, but not with Walletly. The ability to screenshot within the app has been removed, so you can promise your customers peace of mind, again elevating customer service.

3 Go Cross-Channel with Mobile Wallet

People often ask, if they already have an app, if they really need to utilise mobile wallet. We say, if you want to provide the best user experience - then yes!

Just so we’re clear, you don’t need an app to use mobile wallet. However, if you already have an app, why limit yourself? It makes sense to use both together to create the ultimate customer friendly experience.

Apps are a great way to engage with customers, but the competition to take up space on a users phone is high, and there’s no way to guarantee that your users will keep your app long term. Mobile wallets, on the other hand, come pre-downloaded on pretty much all phones and are already being utilised by users for general payment uses - so why not for their tickets and passes?

Essentially - don’t limit your clients. The use of mobile wallets for tickets and passes is on the rise, purely down to demand due to the streamlined customer experience!

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