3 Top Tips for Creating the Best Digital Customer Experience

Walletly | Digital Marketing Aug 18, 2019

Technology has been the face of marketing for a long time now. Gone are the days where an advert would only be seen in print, and customer service was done face-to-face or over the phone. Now, that same campaign has to work across multiple social platforms, as does customer service.

When it comes to customer experience, people expect to receive the same level of personable service, and range of options, online as they would in person. This can be difficult for a brand to achieve, but not when you get the basics down.

At Walletly, we’ve put together our 3 top tips for creating the best online experiences for your customers.

1 Offer Membership and Loyalty Schemes
People's expectations of what brands can, and should, offer them is only going up. How great people perceive their experience to be, is directly linked to how great an offer they feel like they’re getting. This is the same for new or returning customers; everyone is looking to feel like they matter and are being rewarded by a brand.

The easiest way to make your customers feel like they’re being taken care of is through online membership and loyalty schemes. Offer them a special discount for being a new customer. Give them a reward for being a member for a year. It doesn’t matter what you’re offering, as long as it’s aspirational it’ll make your customers feel valued and improve their experience.

2 Create Direct and Personal Relationships
Emails, Messenger bots, push notifications; however you’re communicating with your customers online there’s one simple rule to remember. The more personalised the content is, the higher the level of engagement.

Where possible (which is really everywhere now), you should be using customers names in notifications. Build a relationship by making them feel as if you’re talking directly to them, rather than the thousands of customers in your list. The same goes for any offers you’re giving out. With the huge amount of customer data available now, there’s no excuse to not offer customers only discounts that apply to them. Not only does it make them feel like a valued customer, it also raises revenue and repeat custom.

3 Deliver Quality Content Every Time
Everything you send digitally to your customers should be worth their while. If it’s not, they’ll soon get bored and will eventually unsubscribe and unfollow you. When it comes to push notifications, make sure what you’re sending is relevant, to the point and accurate. You’re a reputable brand, not the daily mail, there’s no room for clickbait here! The aim is to make your customers become naturally interested in everything you send them digitally. Make them trust you, and they’ll soon come to think of you as a great online brand.

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