4 Reasons Why You Should Start Offering Coupons Through Mobile Wallet Today

Why Walletly Aug 07, 2019

People have been using mobile wallet for payment functions since they were developed, however marketers are now starting to explore the non-payment options within mobile wallets. The main one being coupons.

More than 50% of mobile wallet users want to utilise them for non-payment passes such as loyalty cards and coupons. At Walletly, we've put together the top 4 reasons why you should start using coupons through mobile wallet today.

1 No Clipping or Printing Required

Lets face it, paper coupons are a hassle. They take up space and are easily lost meaning customers don’t claim the rewards they’re entitled to. Adding a coupon to a customer’s mobile wallet ensures that it’s always available. Walletly can streamline the process of sending out coupons for you and your customers.

Also, the fact there's no need for printing is far more environmentally friendly, something people are now looking out for with their businesses of choice.

2 Offer a More Personalised Experience

Personalisation of offers and coupons, drives even greater traffic online and in store. And with so many different ways to personalise coupons in Walletly, you’ll be sure to find something that resonates with each of your customers.

3 Maximize Coupon Redemption By Reaching Customers in the Right Place at the Right Time

You can use the walletly iBeacon function to send push notifications to your customers. You can remind them to use their coupon when they’re near by, or send them a new coupon to bring them in to store.

4 Keep Your Offers Fresh and Exciting

You can use Walletly update the coupons as often as you like, directly to a users mobile wallet. No need for customers to have to download something new, just notify them through push notifications that its been updates with a new and exciting offer.

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again. A pass in a mobile wallet is an ongoing communication channel with your customers. It creates a huge opportunity for businesses to increase customer communication and engagement. Isn’t it time you started utilising this amazing marketing tool today?

Learn how to create a coupon campaign here.

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