5 Mobile Wallet Use Cases

5 Mobile Wallet Use Cases

Why Walletly Jan 14, 2021

The marketing opportunities with Walletly are endless. We’ve put together the most popular top 5 use cases, so you can explore for yourself the wide range of things you can do with Walletly.

1 Provide Next Level Loyalty Systems
Take your loyalty system to the next level, literally. Create a tier system for your customers, and automatically notify them, and update their wallet pass, when they reach the next stage in the loyalty system. Gamifying your rewards programme in this way helps to keep customer engagement and loyalty high.

2 Offer ‘VIP’ Perks
Create offers that are only available to customers through mobile wallet. Make sure you advertise them as VIP member offers only, to help drive traffic from new and repeat customers.

3 Take Advantage of Location Services
Maximise redemption by using the iBecan to trigger a push notification to your customers when they walk into, or even past, your store. Remind them of a current offer in their wallet that’s waiting to be used, or entice them in with a brand new one.

4 Easily Deliver Event Tickets
Customers want to be able to use their mobile wallet for all sorts of passes, not just loyalty cards. Deliver event tickets straight into their wallet. Read more on the numerous benefits of providing tickets through Walletly for you and your customers.

5 Create Personalised Communication with Push Notifications
Let you customers know, directly on their phone lock screen, when they have a new offer available in their wallet. It’s one of the only forms of digital communication with customers that guarantees they will read what you have to say.

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