5 Reasons Why Retailers NEED to use Mobile Wallet

5 Reasons Why Retailers NEED to use Mobile Wallet

Why Walletly Jan 15, 2021

Mobile wallet users continue to grow and grow, and it’s not difficult to understand why. But alongside this growth come higher customer expectations of what retailers will offer. At Walletly, we've put together the top five ways retailers can make mobile wallet a win for them and their customers.

1 Send Personalised Coupons

Users can download, pretty much instantly, a coupon directly on to their phones into their mobile wallet. It’s simple and effective, and even more so when you personalise the passes for each and every client. Maybe your customer comes in every lunch time, so you send them a coupon for a specific lunch deal? Maybe your customer has so far only been in once, so you send them a pass to entice them into being a return customer. Whatever it may be, personalisation not only enhances user experience, it creates more business.

Learn how to create a coupon campaign here.

2 Keep Offers Up to Date

Currently, data tells us that up to 70% of installed wallet passes are kept on devices and never deleted. This can presents the perfect ongoing opportunity for retailers to continue that connection with customers, by dynamically updating the offers on these passes. Send push notifications to customers explaining what their new offer is and keep those lines of communication open.

3 Make Loyalty Programs Convenient & Valuable

Providing your customers with loyalty cards through mobile wallets makes it easy for customers to access their rewards. They can pull up their loyalty card at the point of sale, and quickly access and monitor their rewards through their phones.

4 Build Deeper Connections Through Exclusive Offers

Reward your most valuable customers by giving them access to exclusive deals and offers. From early access to an annual sale, to members only deals. Whatever it is, push traffic and increase customer loyalty by delivering unique offers direct to their mobile wallet.  

5 Drive More In-Store Traffic

You can use mobile wallet to drive in-store traffic. Use walletly and the beacon function to send push notifications to customers when they’re in the vicinity of the store. The ability to send customers reminders or offers to come in store when they’re near by is a guaranteed way to drive more traffic in-store.

If you haven’t quite got it yet, mobile wallet is essentially your ongoing engagement channel. When used in the way above it compliments your existing digital marketing strategy and takes it to new heights.

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