Walletly | Digital Marketing Jan 14, 2021

Manychat’s conference, Conversations 2019 is one of the most anticipated events in the digital marketing world - and with good reason, it's the largest gathering of messenger marketers ever. All this talent and energy in one place naturally leads to a wealth of knowledge, ideas, information, industry tricks, tips and new tech being thrown around in every conversation. And that’s before you even get to the speakers!

Day 1 of conversations was all for agencies, so we’ve made a short(ish) round up of the Day so you don't have to worry about missing anything.

For the rest of the action, check out our other blogs; details from the insane keynote speech here, and the Day 2 action here.

Before we get started, just a quick heads up; make sure you keep an eye out for our other conversations blogs coming up over the next few days!

Manychat have got some BIG ideas up their sleeve.
The day started off with a welcome chat with Manychat CEO Mikael Yang, which was far from the gentle hello some may have been expecting. Yang dropped a few (very exciting) bombshells about potential future Manychat features, all of which were agency focused.

Every idea was met with applause from the audience. This may create an issue for Manychat, as they were 'hoping' to get a feel for the most popular ideas to put into development - I guess they’re just going to have to put them all into action?

Here’s the amazing list, let us know which you would like to see!

  • Creating better data reporting and clear funnel analytics
  • A Manychat pixel
  • Direct integration with e-commerce
  • Better access control for who can do what within a bot
  • The ability to deploy one bot to different pages, but edit it in one place
  • A developer programme App Store
  • Agency education, through the sharing of docs, templates, best practices etc.

Agency growth may be easier than you think
Jason Swenk kicked off the list of speakers by answering the question every agency has, ‘how do I grow?’ Turns out it easier than you think; clarity on what you want to achieve, and putting your clients first. Of course there were other detailed steps, that you should definitely look up, but the main takeaway was how a lot of agencies focus on selling themselves and in turn lose sight of their clients. Remember, they're Batman and you’re Alfred - there to advise them, not to be the hero.

The secrets of the ‘Gangsters’ of Messenger Marketing
Misfit Media (Brett Linkletter and Jace Kovacevich) gave a whirlwind 20 minute talk on how they used messenger marketing to grow their agency. They gave away a lot of tricks and tips in that short amount of time, but the one that got most people in the room taking note was the fly-wheel effect. Using a system where services, marketing, sales work together to increase growth, rather than a traditional linear model, saw their agency grow to 7-figures.

Word of the day: omnipresence
Philippe LeCouutre and David Sambor also had only 20 minutes to explain the details of their amazing bot (it made $3million in 1 hour, in case you hadn’t heard). They briefly went into a few specifics but ended with one key word: omnipresence. The trick, they believe, is to be widespread and constantly encountered

Don’t pass on scan codes
The only female speaker of the day (!) expertly talked us through how to use Manychat to assist in ticket sales. Carrie Gottschalk's rewarding system involves using scan codes on posters to get people to opt into the messenger bot, once there, follow up with retargeting messages and clear CTAs. She’s also gave great insights into the importance of making your bot copy as conversational as possible, and how to do it.

The BIG news will be at 9am tomorrow.
The day rounded off with a Manychat leadership Q&A. While insightful, almost every answer from the team went back to the fact we need to listen to the Keynote speech at 9am tomorrow. Why? We’ll have to wait and see.....

UPDATE: Check out our other blogs; details from the insane keynote speech here, and the Day 2 action here.