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So by now, you’ve heard the insane news from the keynote speech! If not, check out our blog here. However, you might not have heard about the rest of Day 2, which was equally as exciting. Here’s a quick overview of what else was happening, before we get going with Day 3.

If you want the full conversations experience, you can read our blog about all the action from Agency day here.

Don’t forget, your bot is a celebrity!
If you don’t follow Kelly Mirabella, you need to. She took to the stage after lunch with all the energy and industry knowledge her followers love her for - in fact she was so high energy she finished her talk 5 minutes early. Her advice about creating a brand voice for your messenger bot, and how to turn your subscribers into fans, had everyone taking note; don’t be boring, talk to your best friend, stay flexible, surprise and delight people. All of which she did in her talk, proving that ‘practice what you preach’ works!

The Queen has arrived.
Not many people would want the potentially difficult job of following Yang and his crazy number of update announcements, but Mari Smith took it on with the poise and innovative engagement ideas that have made her known as the Queen of Facebook. She gave away lots of great tips, but the main take away from her talk (that had everyone quoting on their socials) was; ‘content is King, but engagement is Queen and she rules the house’.

You haven’t made it, until you get a hype man to introduce your hype man.
Ezra Firestone was introduced by 2 people, but his talk lived up to the hype. His secrets to creating a scalable direct to consumer e-commerce brand, had the audience furiously taking note. The biggest takeaway, that people were talking about after, was the love demo love formula for creating the most engaging, and converting, content.

Facebook arrived, but didn’t hang around to chat.
Yang took to the stage again, but this time with Louis Moynihan from Facebook. With a room full of marketers, you know the questions were going to get straight to the point, but Moynihan kept things pretty close to his chest. One thing he did give away, which did have most people sighing with relief, was the use cases that Facebook are most excited about (or, investing into); lead gen, commerce and customer service. All areas where Manychat excels.

DISCLAIMER: I missed Randi Zuckerberg (work got in the way), which I found out after was a HUGE mistake. Everyone was buzzing about her talk afterwards, so if you don’t already, go follow her!

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