Walletly | Digital Marketing Jan 14, 2021

Manychat CEO Mikael Yang kicked off Day 2 of Conversations with an incredible keynote speech. From the history of Manychat, it’s growth, to the exciting bright future of marketing and Manychat, Yang really set the tone for the weekend!

Here is everything you need to know from the speech, in quick and easy chunks. Just in case you missed a live stream of the 1 hour and 45 minute rollercoaster ride, or you were there - but couldn't quite take it all in.

For the rest of the action, check out our other blogs; you can find the details from agency day here, and the Day 2 action here.

The Present

  • Manychat have seen huge growth since conversations 2018! From 400,000 Facebook business pages connected to Manychat, to 800,000! The number of subscribers has seen 3x growth in 1 year. 8 billion messages are sent through the platform monthly. They currently have 1 million registered users, across 170 countries. Which of course has all led to recognition from other industry leaders such as Zaiper and Forbes. And with all this, they’re still profitable and the number 1 messenger marketing platform in the world.
  • The market is only growing in strength. 2.5 billion people using messenger apps worldwide, predicted to be 3 billion by 2022. The focus is shifting to private social media and messenger apps, even Facebook have taken note of the change. By 2020, there will be more people on messenger apps than social media.

The Future

  • As we said above, the future of communication is messenger apps, the younger generation overwhelmingly prefer text over voice. The way people connect with businesses will reflect how people connect with each other.
  • Chat is the future of marketing! Chat apps are growing; WhatsApp, instagram, messenger, even iMessage. RSC (rich communication services) roll out is on the horizon, with it already fully rolled out in the UK and France. Messenger will soon be comparable with instagram and WhatsApp. It shows no sign of slowing down - and Manychat is at the forefront of that!

The BIG Updates

  • The part that everyone was waiting for didn’t disappoint! Get ready for it, it’s a long and insanely impressive list.
  • ACTIVE CAMPAIGN INTEGRATION - now in integration settings, go to new action, add contact, select email, done.
  • ALL POSTS COMMENTS GROWTH TOOL - the current CGT can now be attached to all posts. You can listen to specific comments and reply with a specific flow, and have multiple tools across pages each with a different key word.
  • DATE AND NUMBER FORMATTING - you can now select specific date formats according to location, these come predefined or custom. Also, you can select the amount of digits on the BMI calculator.
  • SEND FLOW FROM LIVE CHAT - tired of people accidentally breaking the flow by entering text instead of using quick reply? Now you can mix human interaction with automation and select which flow to send through live chat.
  • LIVE CHAT MOBILE APP - receive notifications, reply in time to avoid losing leads and sales. Starting with iOS, and on android soon. They’re also looking at giving the option to build flows on the go. Available in the App Store today!
  • GOOGLE SHEETS UPDATE ROW - simple, update a row without having to start a new one and break up the sheet.
  • PAYPAL INTEGRATION - connect a PayPal business account to a flow and create a buy button. It’s not a simple set up yet, but it works and that’s the main thing.
  • CURRENT TIME - condition current times and working hours within a flow
  • CONDITION STEP IMPROVEMENTS - for people who build more sophisticated bots, you can now drag and drop to change a step that has multiple conditions rather than delete and redo everything. Custom fields are also no longer case sensitive!
  • DELETE FLOWS INSIDE FOLDER - exactly as it sounds, no longer delete one by one
  • FLOW BUILDER NEW DESIGN - in October, new design, updated notes, 6x faster and now works on iPad.
  • EASY SPONSORED MESSAGES - previously important but hard to build, now with a new simple interface that’s streamlined the process into two steps. Create the message in the paid messages tab, then go to settings and chose a custom audience, budget and starting period.
  • MESSAGE WINDOW FILTERS - target sponsored messages to people only outside the window, keeping you compliant
  • DEPENDENCY CHECK - before you delete a tab or custom field, you can check if it’s important to other flows so you don’t risk breaking the either bot. For custom fields and tags!
  • DASHBOARD 1.1 - streamlined with far more reporting options (gender, language, etc) with more coming in the future.
  • SHOPIFY ABANDONED CART - create a flow with a unique trigger for abandoned carts, if the cart is unpaid send a follow up message. Yang also mentioned a Shopify integration in the future, taking steps to make Manychat the only platform you’ll need.

And if all of that wasn’t enough…...

The BIG BIG BIG updates

  • Not one, but two new channels were announced; SMS and email! This incredible update will 100% change the face of Manychat and digital marketing. Both designed specifically for the flow builder. You now have the ability to create interactive multi channel flows and bring people into messenger through SMS and email. Lower costs, better conversions, the ability to restart the 24hour window, the possibilities are endless! And the most exciting part, it's available today from today!
  • Manychat have ushered in a new self named era of marketing, they’re saying goodbye to messenger marketing and hello to chat marketing. It's fresh, exciting, the future, and exactly what we need!

For the rest of the action, check out our other blogs; you can find the details from agency day here, and the Day 2 action here.