How To: Create Event Tickets with Walletly

Walletly | Blogs Jan 14, 2021

Event tickets and passes are the latest way mobile wallets are being used by marketers. It’s what people want to use their wallet for, so by offering a ticket campaign you can help get your business ahead of the game (as well as loads of other benefits).

With Walletly, it couldn’t be easier to create an event ticket campaign, just follow the steps below with Manychat and Activechat.

1 Select your bot template from the bot store

2 Create the card pass

3 Add your card pass to your event ticket campaign

4 Add in the campaign details. E.g Thirsty Thursdays

5 Choose your integration. E.g Manychat

6 Copy and paste over the integration details to the bot template (you can use the video guide on the page to help you make sure everything is in the correct field)

7 Test the connection

8 Share your campaign with your customers

It really is that simple to create a profitable Event ticket campaign with Walletly.

Don't believe us, check out our chat with Eddy who when describing how he's used Walletly with huge success, says it took him 'only 2 minutes' to set up on his first go.

So, what are you waiting for?

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