How To Help Your Loyalty Programme Members During COVID-19

How To Help Your Loyalty Programme Members During COVID-19

Walletly | Digital Marketing Jan 15, 2021

Customer loyalty is based upon familiarity, value and trust. In difficult times, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, it can be difficult to keep up these feelings with your loyalty program customers.

Communicating with your customers through your loyalty program may not feel like the most important thing right now, especially as the initial concern of businesses was communicating only critical information. Now, however, you have the opportunity to help your loyalty members through this time, as well as continue to build trusting customer-business relations.

Here are 4 easily actionable ways you can help your loyalty members through COVID-19.

1 - Simplify The Shift to Online Services

Measures to social distance, work from home and limiting your needs to go outside, have been enforced in varying levels across the globe. No matter where your business is situated, however, the shift to online shopping and services has been inevitable. Take the time to create a good user experience and put in place guidance to take your customers through your new online processes. Additionally, offer incentives to repeat customers to increase loyalty.

3 simple ways to put this into action for members;

  • Create order online/no-contact delivery
  • Simplify shipping and returns
  • Alert members when items are back in stock

2 - Help Members With Economic Concerns

While this is a time of ambiguity for all of us, you can help your loyalty members deal with current or short-term economic concerns. Offer flexible payment options where you can, and utilise consumer data to offer discounts and offers. You members will remember how your brand was considerate of them in a time of need.

3 simple ways to put this into action for members;

  • Offer buy now, pay later
  • Offer monthly payment plans
  • Give discounts of bulk orders, or future bookings

3 - Educate and Entertain Members

Many of your members will be looking for good distractions for themselves (or their children). Whether it’s educating them on a new skill, or simply setting challenges that will keep them entertained, create online content that will keep your members busy.  Not only will you be able to share your brand message to your customers, but it is also a great way to be seen adding value.

3 simple ways to put this into action for members;

  • Provide expert information on your industry expertise
  • Offer free access to various online content
  • Design games, quizzes, and surveys (encouraging participation will also help you learn more about your customers)

4 - Build an Online Members’ Community

Keep in mind that your loyalty members will be going through the exact same experiences and emotions as you. They will be missing friends, family and work connections. People will appreciate new ways of connecting and communicating with others who hold similar interests. If you haven’t already, now is the time to set up an online members community.

3 simple ways to put this into action for members;

  • Live stream interactive classes/discussions/etc
  • Create and coordinate online events
  • Organise and post on socials user-generated content
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