How To Increase Engagement with Beacons

How To Increase Engagement with Beacons

Jan 14, 2021

Beacons are devices that use location services to deliver notifications straight to a customer's phone, when they are within range. Beacons are a great advantage for proximity marketing, but they can also be used to increase engagement across all campaigns.

With Walletly, beacon technology is now even more advanced! Rather than a physical beacon, the Wallet scan app come with it’s own iBeacon feature. All you need to do is tap it on, and your phone becomes the beacon and automatically sends messages to your customers. Plus, it comes at no extra cost, with unlimited downloads, so all of your staff can utilise the app.

Here’s how you can utilise the iBeacon technology to increase engagement for your business.

Push Notifications for new launches
Automatically send push notifications to your customers as they walk in, or past, your store. Let them know that you have a new product that they need to check out today.

Campaigns on Discounts and Offers
Engage your customers, and increase footfall, by delivering real-time offers.With Walletly, you can update and change these offers as often as you need to.

Loyalty Programmes
Compel customers to subscribe to your loyalty programme, and receive unique discounts, before they make a purchase.

Send Reminders to pre-order food at meal times
Schedule notifications to be sent at certain times of the day to remind customers in the area to order their food from you. You can even integrate this feature with your app, so customers can order remotely.

Event Schedules
Send out event and film schedules to customers as they go past the venue in order to increase pre-ticket sales.

Ticket Sales Reminders and Offers
Remind customers of the date and time of the future event they have a ticket for, and send out promotional offers for other future events to entice customers to return.

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