How Walletly Integrates Seamlessly with Manychat and Activechat.

How Walletly Integrates Seamlessly with Manychat and Activechat.

Why Walletly Jan 15, 2021

While there are lots of benefits to choosing Walletly, we believe the most significant has to be it’s seamless integration with both Manychat and Activechat.

Unlike any other mobile wallet software currently on the market, this integration means there is NO need for Zapier. This is true if you’re using either Manychat or Activechat. Not only does the lack of need for Zapier mean a more simple and intuitive user experience. It also means there is no extra cost to worry about, so you won’t be stung by any hidden costs from our end.

Everything connects automatically and easily on both platforms. All you really need to know is how to copy and paste - honesty. Our step-by-step video guides come as standard on every campaign builder page. It’s so simple we guarantee you’ll be able to use Walletly effectively, no matter what your level of chatbot experience.

Not only that, but Walletly provides a diverse range of campaigns for you to choose from, each of which come with a specific bot template from Walletly’s own bot store. Everything we provide has been developed by expert bot builders, and will only take you 2-3 minutes to get up and running. The only thing we don’t give you are the specifics about what you’re going to offer, that one is up to you!

Due to Manychats API, our integration with Manychat does come with an exciting additional feature we’ve named ‘redemption called back’. This is activated during any campaign redemption process; once a customers coupon has been scanned, they are automatically messaged within the chatbot offering them the chance to join the loyalty programme, give a testimonial, or an upsell. Essentially, whatever you want to offer your customers. Effectively turning those customers into loyal repeat customers.  

Walletly’s seamless integration with Manychat and Activechat is there to make your life easier! No other software on the market offers you want Walletly does.

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