[USE CASE] How Walletly made 1 Restaurant 3000% ROAS in Less than 30 Days.

Aug 14, 2019

A handful of people were lucky enough to try Walletly when it was still in beta. One of these was Ed, who ended up making a 3000% ROAS utilising it. Below, we’ve had a chat with him and outlined how he’s done it. Just think, if this was when Walletly was in beta, imagine what Walletly could do for you now!

Hi Ed, first can you give us some background to your business.

Sure. Basically I live in Taiwan and own two restaurants, Eddy’s Cantina, which I started 12 years ago. I built these up from a stand in a night market, to where I am now.

About a year ago, I dove deeply into marketing. I have a couple of clients, but nothing too crazy yet! I use Manychat, Active Campaign, of course Facebook Ad’s for all of my marketing, and now, Walletly.

I always test all of my strategies on my own business. And for the last 6 months I’ve been trying to tie everything together to create the ultimate proven restaurant system. The only thing that was missing was a digital coupon.

Enter Walletly…

Exactly! I had been working with a guy to make me a loyalty programme on Active Campaign, and it was working, but I felt it wasn’t fully effective as it wasn’t utilising Facebook Messenger. I wanted, for my next client, to build it all on Manychat.

How exactly do you use Walletly?

So now I am running 1 campaign. I have a facebook ads sending people to my messenger bot, where the CTA is to get them to sign up for either a BOGOF food or beer coupon. The coupon,and Manychat automation, comes from Walletly. It’s really simple; Facebook ad, Manychat, Walletly, Walletscan app.

This is the first time that small business owners, like myself, have had access to something this advanced. For example, my wife has the Starbucks app which is essentially a paperless coupon, but building a system like that is pricey! Now, with Walletly, the same technology is affordable to all businesses.

How have your customers reacted?

Customers love to see the actual digital coupon! Before I was using Walletly I had to get a designer to create new coupon everytime, which was costly and time consuming, not to mention it didn’t scan. In addition, customers would come in, without a coupon, and show the message to staff which always caused a lot of confusion. Now, with Walletly, there is no confusion and it’s 100% trackable.

Have your long-term customers been put off by the change?

Not at all, the great thing about Walletly is that you can tailor your campaigns. So new customers are offered the food/beer coupon, and returning customers are given something more to entice them back.

Even those customers who don’t want to use the coupon at that time we encourage them to put the coupon in their mobile wallet for future use. That way we can use the iBeacon to send them a push notification when they’re nearby and get them through the door. (Learn how to create your own coupon campaign here)

Apart from customer engagement then, what would you say the main benefits to you and your business have been?

Well to start, I’ve duplicated my flow in Manychat and linked to an Ref Url. I’ve printed this out as a QR code and have it around the restaurant, this way all customers can scan, get their coupon and use it right away. And if they don’t use it, we can get them with the iBeacon later on, as I said before.

But the biggest benefit is the return I’ve seen. The coupon had a 47% conversion rate, and I spent $200 on things like Facebook ads and the QR campaign. Last I counted we had made $5,900 from the campaign.

So thats a 4 figure return on Ads spend!

Pretty much!! Something I honestly wouldn’t have achieved without Walletly. I just can’t wait to keep going and see what else it can do for me!

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