Loyalty Stamp Card Campaign: How To and Why You Should Use Mobile Wallet

Walletly | Digital Marketing Oct 09, 2019

Loyalty stamp card and points campaigns are the cornerstone of any mobile wallet marketing campaign. Think about the brands that you personally feel the most loyal to, or have the biggest emotional connection with. It’s likely that they’re the ones that make you feel special through their loyalty campaigns.

Giving customers unique offers that they can only get through joining the loyalty programme makes them feel like they’re looked after by a brand, and increases customer loyalty over long periods of time. These systems are even more effective if you’re able to personalise the offers to suit the different segments of your audience.
With Walletly, you can do all of the above and more! Rather than emailing your customers with new offers, why not send a simple push notification straight to their lock screen with the offer? Also, you can use the iBeacon technology in the Wallet Scan app to target customers walking past the store with an offer valid for that day only.

With Walletly, it also couldn’t be easier to create a loyalty campaign, just follow the steps below.

1 Select your bot template from the bot store

2 Create the card pass

3 Add your card pass to your event ticket campaign

4 Add in the campaign details.

5 Choose your offline as your integration. E.g Manychat

6 Copy and paste over the integration details to the bot template (you can use the video guide on the page to help you make sure everything is in the correct field)

7 Test the connection

8 Share your campaign with your customers

Creating a loyalty campaign has so many benefits, and with Walletly it couldn’t be easier.

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