Everything Old Walletly customers need to know about Walletly 2
What is happening with Walletly?
We are working on this cool idea and transforming Walletly into a Growth Platform. It is a one-stop-shop for Program owners who want to launch a shared loyalty program and for businesses looking to join these programs to grow and retain customers at lower cost. The Platform offers Program owners to build customisable shared loyalty programs that maximise sales across all the businesses and charge them monthly subscription fees.
Shared Loyalty definition?
The concept of Shared loyalty is that many unrelated brands join together in a partnership, which they may not be able to partner in a more traditional manner. These brands band together to offer customers rewards that can be earned from a variety of participating brands, with options to redeem rewards at the brand of their choice. Shared loyalty programs cater to three distinct groups: the program owner, businesses, and the customers.
What does it mean for small businesses?
By bundling up your brand with other brands, you can expanding networks with cross-Promotions at lowering costs and risks. You can join multiple Shared loyalty providers and grow your business much faster.Around the world, prominent brands are adapting their proprietary programs to capture the value of multi-partner coalitions. As a result, Shared loyalty programs are thriving. We can help you to find the right partners completely for free. As you only pay to program providers.
Loyalty program providers?
Ready to start a new venture. Bundle the brands have common demographic geographic and psychographic Set your loyalty program rules and set payment plan for business. We will help you to connect with businesses.
Staying with Current Version
The current version of Walletly will work simultaneously with the new Walletly. By introducing a version. We won’t shutdown the old one or force it to move away from it. You can stay with old version as long as you wish.However, you should keep in mind the old version won’t receive any new features At some point we will mov the new version to our primary domain and put a special link to the old version. This will also be time new customers are no long.
I have other questions! How can I get in touch with Walletly? Feel free to get in touch. We’ll be happy to clarify anything, or just help you get up and running with your new account.