Marketing Agencies: You Need To Be Using Walletly

Walletly | Digital Marketing Jan 14, 2021

If you’re not already using mobile wallet as part of your campaigns - you need to start. Now that a lot of the big businesses have caught on to the power of the mobile wallet, it won’t be long before you’re clients start asking for a mobile wallet campaign. Especially when they start to read about all the benefits mobile wallet can deliver.

Walletly can help you create the perfect campaign for your clients.

The benefits for your clients should be enough to make you invest in a mobile wallet campaign, but it’s not just retailers that can benefit. We’ve put together our 5 top reasons why every agency should be utilising mobile wallets.

1 Answer Your Clients Needs
Clients want real results. Not ‘we increased brand awareness but can’t really prove it’ results. Actual tangible results; increases in sales, in-store traffic, social media engagement. Anything really, as long as they can see why they’re giving you their money. No matter how great your campaign, this can often be one of the hardest things to deliver. With Walletlys’ built in dashboard, your clients have direct access to the campaigns you’re running so they can see for themselves the powerful results that are coming from mobile wallet. As well as enabling you to track data and better understand your clients consumers.

2 Easily Create a Proof of Concept
Clients can be choosy about what they want from their agency, the easiest way to explain to a client that your concept is the right one for them is to give them proof and an example. This couldn’t be easier with mobile wallet campaigns. With Walletly, you have access to a huge variety of card templates, campaigns and messenger bots. All of which you can mock up in minutes to show your client exactly what you have in mind for their business, and how powerful it will be to a consumer.

3 Instantly Update Campaigns
Mobile Wallet campaigns can be updated as many times as you need, and as soon as one campaign ends a new one can start automatically. Best of all though, updates will go automatically into your customers wallet passes, and you can send a push notification to their phone letting them know of the new offer waiting for them. No longer do you need to constantly reach out to try and grab your customers attention, you have a direct communication channel through their wallet.

4 Easy Campaign Distribution
With mobile wallet campaigns, all it takes is a scan of a QR code or click of a link for a client to opt in to your campaign, and the offer to go instantly into their phone. The QR codes and links can go literally anywhere you think consumers will see it. Emails, facebook ad, posters - the possibilities with this one are literally endless, you just need to be as creative as possible.

Essentially, you should focus your efforts on giving your clients exactly what they want. Something that is easy to understand, will actually work and provide impressive tangible results. Mobile wallets, and walletly, are what they want. Get your agency ahead before it’s too late.

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