Mobile Boarding Passes Numbered 1.5 billion in 2019

Walletly | Blogs Dec 16, 2019

2019 was touted to be the year where mobile wallets took over! With more and more businesses and brands, set to provide a clean user experience with passes and coupons provided through wallets.

Now - with only 2 weeks of the year left - we can clearly see that all of those predictions were correct!

According to reports from Juniper Research, over a third of airline boarding passes were delivered via mobile wallet devices in 2019.

That’s around 1.5 billion boarding passes issues via mobile to travellers. A huge step up from the previous years 746 million.

This just goes to show that mobile has become the natural evolution of airline ticketing. And it makes perfect sense. Mobile tickets create a fluid user experience; the ease of simply scanning your phone at each security check, as well as not having to worry about printing, forgetting or losing your boarding pass, is something that every traveller is after!

However, the main reason behind why mobile airline tickets have really taken off (pun intended), has been the smart design behind each ticket. Airlines have realised the importance of designing from the user perspective. Specifically this means no arduous sign-up procedures or frequent requests for PIN’s and passwords. The trick has been to keep everything as simple as possible. The more user friendly, the more users have jumped on the mobile wallet bandwagon.

But don’t forget about the benefits to airlines too!

While the benefits for travellers are obvious, airlines are keen to adopt mobile wallet for their own needs too. Mobile tickets as a gateway to further mobile service features and additional ticket purchases, as well as being a stepping stone to loyalty programs - the easy way to remain competitive.

Just look at JetBlue. They now offering customers the ability to purchase onboard snacks and upgrades via payment solution Apple Pay.

In addition, Guests can easily change seats, view up-to-date arrival times, manage booking summaries and more via mobile - taking pressure off their already overrun customer service teams. Essentially mobile boarding passes benefit everyone.

So what’s next?

While mobile tickets have mostly been used by frequent flyers in 2019, 2020 should see a shift into leisure travellers adopting mobile too. This will be down not only to more and more people becoming familiar with the technology used, but also down to the fact that 91% of airlines now offer a mobile wallet ticket integration.

The next natural step for the airline industry will be to transition to contactless NFC. So, expect tickets and boarding passes to be stored on smartphones and read by NFC readers, in the not so distant future.

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