Proximity Marketing: Made Easy With Walletly

Proximity Marketing: Made Easy With Walletly

Why Walletly Jan 14, 2021

Proximity marketing is nothing new, whether it’s been flyering for a new club night, or IP address targeting - they’ve all rely on location. Now a days, proximity marketing is an unstoppable force that is constantly growing and evolving.

With the use of iBeacons proximity marketing is becoming a must for any strong marketing campaign. The proof is in its successes; 75% of US retailers who have beacon technology into their marketing strategies have seen a 9% increase in profits and 175% ROI.

There’s no excuse for proximity marketing to not be a major part of any campaign. Especially now Walletly has now made proximity marketing even easier, with the introduction of the Wallet Scan App and the iBeacon!

The iBeacon is one of the most important features of Walletly. Part of the Wallet Scan App, all you need to do is tap the beacon on and it will automatically send push notifications to any customers that come near your store. Raise footfall by sending customers reminders of the offers in their wallet, or even fresh offers, and entice them in.

The iBeacon comes with the Wallet Scan App, for no extra cost, alongside the on-the-go dashboard and the easy redemption tool. You can download the app and log in on multiple devices, so each member of you staff can have the iBeacon on their phone and attracting in customers. We’ve also made it so you can block staff from the dashboard, so there’s no need for everyone to be able to see all the data unless you want them to.

No need to buy stand alone beacons, with Walletly it all comes as standard.

It literally couldn’t be easier to utilise the great benefits of proximity marketing with Walletly. Everything is there and already set up for you. Try it today!

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