Top 7 Questions About Mobile Wallet Marketing: Answered.

Walletly | Blogs Jan 15, 2021

Mobile wallets are quickly becoming every marketers weapon of choice. Apps, like Walletly, are enabling marketers to connect with customers directly through their phone. Every day more businesses are discovering how easy it is to turn loyalty cards, coupons, tickets, and more, into a digital communication tool and in turn create a better customer experience.

Mobile wallet marketing is showing no sign of slowing down. We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about mobile wallet marketing, so you can your campaign running today.

1 What exactly is a mobile wallet?

Put simply: a mobile wallet is the digital equivalent of a physical wallet. It’s where you can store digital versions of loyalty cards, coupons, tickets, passes and much more.

The more obvious digital wallets are the ones that come pre-installed on your phone (iPhones have the Apple Wallet, Android have Android Pay, and for Samsung devices it's Samsung Pay). If you remove the brand names they all essentially play the same role, a digital place to store what you use to have to keep on paper or plastic.

Walletly is in part an automated system where coupons and cards go direct into a customers mobile wallet - whatever the model.

2 What counts as a mobile wallet ‘card’?

Put simply, a ‘wallet card’ is the name for anything that can be stored in the mobile wallet. These are also sometimes referred to as 'wallet passes’.

Here at Walletly, any item going into a mobile wallet is a card. These can be pretty much anything; boarding passes, coupons, loyalty cards. All of which dynamically update and send push notifications to a users phone at the exact right time and place.

There's a wide range of mobile wallet marketing options available, however the ‘non-payment’ types of wallet card provide the most opportunity for exploration and experimentation when it comes to marketing.

3 Do I need an app to offer a mobile wallet card

Short answer: no. Mobile wallet marketing is as great an opportunity for start up’s as it is for big businesses with a significant online presence.

And in either case it comes at a much lower cost than putting out an app. Don’t forget - nearly all mobile devices come with pre-installed wallet apps, which all mobile wallet cards go directly into.

4 How do I create a mobile wallet card?

With Walletly, it couldn’t be easier to create a wallet card of any kind. Walletly comes preloaded with different card templates and designs, so all you have to do is select the right one for your campaign. It literally takes a matter of minutes.

Check out our many 'how to' blogs that go through starting each campaign step-by-step.

5 Will customers know what to do with a wallet pass?

Yes. Research from 2018 shows that 54% of people have already used mobile wallet and would like to use them more. This percentage is only going to be on the rise in 2020.

Of course there will always be the odd customer who won’t have used their mobile wallet before, but you can always show instructions through infographics and video - as we do at Walletly.

6 What happens once a customer has a mobile wallet card?

A card will stay in the wallet of a customer until they delete or use it. Research shows though that digital wallet cards are rarely deleted!

More importantly, once a customer has a wallet card, you’ve opened up a line of communication with that person. Wallet cards can be automatically updated and push notifications can be sent through updating them on new offers and persuading them to return to the business.

7 Why should I use mobile wallet marketing?

There are so many reasons why you should be looking at digital wallet cards as the cornerstone of your marketing campaigns, but here are what we consider to be the top 2.

Companies need to be where their customers want to be and meet the demand for mobile wallet cards. The younger generation, especially, are environmentally minded enough to not want little pieces of paper and plastic. Companies who catch up first will be quick to earn customer engagement and loyalty.

You can increase your communication with customers. What do most people spend their time looking at these days? Their phone. Using wallet cards as a direct line of communication with the customer will only see people returning to the business. Take advantage of this new channel of engagement.

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