Unleashing the Power of Mobile Wallet

Unleashing the Power of Mobile Wallet

Walletly | Digital Marketing Jan 14, 2021

Did you know that more than half of consumers have used a mobile wallet card? That 69% of consumers would be more likely to use a loyalty card if it was on their phone? And that 73% of consumers would be more likely to join a loyalty system if the points and rewards were automatically updated onto their phone?

When you do know the statistics, it’s not difficult to see why mobile wallets are becoming an extremely powerful marketing tool, especially when it comes to loyalty systems.

Walletly can make this happen for you.

People are already interested in using mobile wallet cards. When you combine that with other benefits that come with mobile loyalty systems; push notifications, automatic updates, location awareness, and a direct messaging channel, there's no better way to raise customer engagement and loyalty.

The biggest issue with loyalty programmes is lack of participation. Users have to remember to use their card and update it on their own time with offers, which often means that consumers simply don’t bother. Mobile wallet loyalty passes completely solve this issue.

Loyalty points and offers can be updated automatically, so users always have the most current offer available. Push notification can be utilised to remind users what offers they have and persuade them to return to the sore. Location services can be used to notify customers of an offer when they walk past the store. A strong communication channel is opened up between you and the user to raise customer engagement. And finally, the loyalty card is right by their side all the time, on their phone.

There has never been an easier way to create a personal, persistent and proactive channel with customers. Optimising mobile wallet loyalty systems is a way to get your brand ahead of the game. Unleash the power of mobile wallet today!

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