[CASE STUDY] How 1 Agency used Walletly to Create a Birthday Coupon Campaign

[CASE STUDY] How 1 Agency used Walletly to Create a Birthday Coupon Campaign

Walletly | FAQs Jan 15, 2021

Get Clients.dk is a digital marketing agency in Denmark. Working mostly with lead gen clients, restaurants, cafes and takeaways, they had been trialing different coupon and loyalty systems over the last 2 years. None had stuck, as they were overly complicated and often the various moving parts went wrong.

About a year ago, the owner Jesper Vig Troelsen looked into Walletly; and were pulled in by the lack of complications, the fact you don’t need a complicated integration to share results with clients and the wide variety of campaigns on offer.

After a few months of use, and good results, they decided to create a birthday coupon campaign for one of their new restaurant clients.

The Numbers

  • 60 days
  • 1500 messenger subs
  • 639 Walletly Subs
  • 29% Conversion rate for Coupon
  • $3k sales from birthday Coupon
  • 422 Loyalty Cards
  • 16k sales from the Loyalty Campaign
  • $19k Sales in total with only $135 ad spend.

The Campaign

First, they used a comment growth tool in ManyChat, and used the Walletly coupon template to offer subscribers 10% off their bill, and then a birthday coupon for a free meal for with three other paying customers.

Over 500 people took up one of these offers within the first three weeks, and as they were current subscribers this was done with 0 Ad spend!

After this success, they focused on acquiring new customers. A Facebook Ad was set up aimed at local people who had a birthday coming up, offering the same deal as above.  When clicked on, the Ad takes them into the chat bot and the coupon is distributed via Walletly.

Why Walletly?

Walletly is able to take this simple campaign even further with push notifications. Once a customer has downloaded the Walletly coupon to their wallet, notifications can be sent to remind them to use it before it runs out. They also utilised the iBeacon to send messenger notifications to people walking past the restaurant.

They have also used QR codes around the restaurant that sends people directly to the loyalty program to sign up.

Overall, the campaign has made $19,000 USD off of only $125 USD ad spend. The use of loyalty cards have made $16,000 USD on its own, with an incredible $0 Ad spend!

And even better, both of these campaigns can run for years, without being touched!

In Jaspers Own Words

‘We’ve had similar success when it comes to ROAS by utilising Walletly, across many different niches and using different types of campaign. The API integration between Walletly and ManyChat works flawlessly, and give the end user a great experience. Also, the ease of using the Wallet Scan App makes it easy to implement in our clients business. Before using walletly it was the customer using the coupon who has to update the amount spend. That meant I couldn't rely on those numbers.’

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