Walletly Dashboard: Explained

Why Walletly Oct 29, 2019

Let’s face it, all marketing agencies are growing increasingly dependent on data analysis. Having access to data enables you to make better decisions, course-correct quickly if something isn’t working, limit wasted money and time, and keep your clients fully informed about their business. Essentially, data is key if you want to maintain success.

However, access to data isn’t always as simple as we would like. Dashboards are there to provide instant access to the data you need, unfortunately it can be hard to find a dashboard that is comprehensive and user friendly.

The Walletly dashboard has been completely designed with Marketing Agencies in mind!

We wanted to ensure that agencies had access to all the data they could ever need (in a clear format), to easily enable them to make successful campaigns using Walletly.

So you can see just how comprehensive the Walletly Dashboard really is, here’s a rundown of all the different aspects you can track.

First you have the essential ‘brand passes information’, this covers all the basics about your campaigns and passes that you’ll need. Just because it’s ‘basic’ though, doesn't mean it’s not detailed. Here you can see;

  • Number of coupons created
  • Number of coupons redeemed
  • Number of coupons un-redeemed
  • Average of coupons redeemed (%) across all campaigns
  • Number of event tickets created
  • Number of event tickets checked-in
  • Number of event tickets not checked-in
  • Average of event tickets checked-in (%) across all campaigns
  • Number of webinar tickets created
  • Number of loyalty cards created
  • Number of stamp cards created
  • Number of membership cards created
  • Total number of subscribers
  • Total earnings (in your chosen currency)

And that is just the tip of the data iceberg.

The next sections breaks the number of different passes (coupon, loyalty, stamp, membership, ticket), and shows you how many are currently in Apple and Android wallets. Giving you even more information about your audiences.

The final sections give you detailed information about the campaigns themselves, so you can see which are more successful at a glance. The dashboard breaks down the number of coupons by campaign, the number of tickets by campaign, earnings by coupon campaigns and earnings by card campaigns.

All of this information right at your fingertips, as soon as you log in to your Walletly account. The Walletly Dashboard is there to make your marketing decisions easier and more successful, everytime.

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