Why ‘‘Mobile Wallets Wont Work in the USA’’ is a lie.

Walletly | Digital Marketing Oct 09, 2019

There’s a lot of information circulating online about mobile wallets, chat bots, marketing in general, etc. And while you were taking it all in, you may have heard a few people saying that Mobile Wallet apps have not, and will not, catch on in America. The general consensus is that people in the US don’t ‘trust’ or even ‘understand’ mobile wallets, and so the percentage of people using them is small.

As an agency owner, you’re of course right to be concerned about this. You don’t want to invest in software and sell it to your clients, for it not to have the desired results.

You’ve got nothing to worry about however. This idea that mobile wallets won’t work in the states is a lie.

Now, I understand you might not want to take us on face value here. Afterall, Walletly is software that utilises the mobile wallet. Which is why we’ve pulled together the following information and data so you can see we’re telling the truth.

  1. According to Experian; in 2017 digital payments rose to a staggering $721 billion across America. This has surely and steadily continued to grow over the last 2 years.
  2. Millenials are paving the way when it comes to mobile wallets, and digital payments. Apps like Uber and Vemo have made it easier than ever before to store banking information on their phones, and the older generations are starting to follow suit due to convenience.
  3. Continuing the millennial trend, more than 2 in 10 use their mobile wallet for every purchase, and the big brands and companies are listening to what their younger consumers want and changing their marketing in line with digital payments.
  4. Worldpay has forecasted that the global use of mobile payments to rise to 28% in 2022, in order to overtake cash and credit cards.
  5. And finally, 48% of the US consumer population is currently using mobile wallets for payments regularly. Which again, is a number that is only going to grow in the current technological climate.
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